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You are in the right place if you want to find a reliable partner. We have a long experience in the field of technology, which gives us the confidence to find the right solution for our customers.We help them to protect their assets, save money and use human resources more efficiently.

Our product portfolio includes solutions that are useful for public authorities, banks, ambulances, hospitals, nursing homes, retailers and many other companies of different specifications and sizes. We represent a number of well-known brands and manufacturers such as Mobotix, Digifort, Exavision, Kentix, Inbalance. We are a service partner and representative of Inbalance Grid in Estonia.

In connection with the arrival of Inbalance chargers in Estonia, we have also shared this information more widely, through various channels. Below are a few links to the articles.




It's not just a charger, it's a award winning charger:

It is a France-based manufacturer of high-tech video cameras. The systems are used in military, border control and many other applications. www.exavision.com/
This is All-IN-ONE CCTV system what is possible to use everywhere as it does not need power, its all in.
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We offer highly effective and versatile radio communication solutions. See more details -

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