The proposed solution is an all-in-one system. The customer only needs to choose the location and we take care of the rest. There is no need for major electrical work or data cabling. The station has a 4G router built in, so we can get the signal through it.Thanks to advanced hardware and software, we can monitor performance, which means we can offer the longest possible uptime;The charging infrastructure uses energy more efficiently, which means we can build more stations with less reserved energy.By using cluster deployment, we can increase the number of chargers as the number of electric cars coming into the fleet grows.The expansion is fast and usually without additional energy reservation. In a typical case, we can build 5 charging stations (10 charging points) on site with 44 kW reservation. These are medium-speed chargers, which are the most optimal option. The charging software can be integrated with the building management system (BMS) to use the available energy even more efficiently. If the energy limit of the building is close to the maximum, we can still install the chargers, thanks to the patented smart software.The customer can create and manage different user groups with different price plans to offer added value to their employees (or tenants). In turn, customers can extend the charging stations to their customers so that they use your company's loyalty or payment cards.We own the software, so we are much more flexible than our competitors when it comes to adding or integrating features. Stations are visible on Google Maps, Apple Maps, KIA, Hyndai and VW electric vehicle navigation systems. In addition to location, it is also possible to see if a charging point is available, saving time in finding a free charger.In addition to efficient content, these chargers also have a stylish look that suits any environment. The customer has the option to have a sleeve installed on the station with their logo. Its not just a charger its awarded charger: